Protect Your Relationships By Staying Engaged - Questions To Ask Your Lawyer During A Custody Dispute

If you're facing the end of a meaningful relationship in your life, you might be under a great deal of stress. The idea of compounding that stress by facing threats to your relationship with your children may be difficult to contemplate, but it's important that you fight the urge to be overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed may mean that you can't respond properly to the situation and could put you at risk of losing one of the most important things in your life. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask a child custody lawyer, like the ones from Van Gilder & Trzynka PC, during the custody process in order to be absolutely sure that you've done everything you can to find an adequate custody arrangement.

Ask About Stress Relief

It's absolutely essential that you don't take any actions during a custody dispute that might be perceived as putting additional pressure on your child. Your son or daughter is likely to be experiencing stress right along with you, and the court will likely look poorly on any unnecessary influences.

Talk to your lawyer about the steps you can take to make the process easier on your child. An attorney with experience in custody cases will be able to give you actionable advice that can help you maintain peace at home without sacrificing your visitation rights.

Ask About Financial Responsibilities

Determining which parent will be responsible for the primary care decisions in raising your child isn't simply about wisdom and judgment. It's important that you remember the financial aspect of the situation as well and take all of the necessary steps to make sure you're not functionally blackmailed in the guise of child care.

If you object to parenting decisions that you feel are being made solely to cause you financial hardship, it's important that you voice those objections. Your attorney can work through anticipated costs with you and help you better understand whether or not you may be on the wrong end of a bad deal.

Ask About Neutral Arbitration

Custody cases are highly emotional and it may be almost impossible to separate that emotion from the true best interests of the children involved. Rather than allowing a situation to spiral out of control, it's important to step back and consider if an outside arbiter may be best suited for making a decision. Ask your attorney about the process of submitting to a neutral arbitration and then make a determination about whether you'll be satisfied to abide by the judgment that's handed down.