What Can You Do If You Believe Child Support Isn’t Going To Your Child?

If you are not the primary custodial parent when a marriage or relationship ends, there is a pretty high likelihood that you will be required to make child support payments to the other parent. These payments are meant to help cover things like shelter, food, education expenses, and the other necessary costs that come along with raising a child. Therefore, most parents are fully understanding about paying child support.

However, what happens if you believe the child is not benefiting from your payments because the other parent is improperly handling the money? Here are a few things you need to no about suspected mismanagement of child support funds. 

The court is hesitant to get involved in these matters. 

Deciding the appropriate ways someone should be spending their money is shaky ground, no matter what the circumstances may be, but especially with child support. Therefore, most often, the family court system will not get involved if you suspect the money is not being handled properly. It is usually only in dire situations that the family court system will get involved to ensure the children are being financially supported. For example, if it is obvious your child is going without adequate medical care, clothing, or shelter in spite of your continued payments, the court may be more willing to reassess the situation. 

Keep notes on anything you see your children go without. 

If you are extremely concerned about your children being properly supported, it is best to take notes and consult with your child support attorney. For example, if your children come to your house for visitation and they claim they have no water at home or there is no food in the house, these are things that could constitute a custodial rearrangement with the family court system. Start keeping a detailed record in a file to take to your lawyer that includes things like:

  • the date and time of any incident that left you concerned
  • notes on what the children told you
  • pictures if they are something that could help (i.e. the children were in too-small clothing or unbathed)

Even though you may not be able to control what your ex spends the child support on if the children are not being cared for properly in their care, this is something that needs to be brought up to the court. Even though these situations can cause a lot of hard feelings, the best interest of your children is most important. 

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