Being Denied Your Disability Rights? Know What You Can Do

If you currently have a chronic or debilitating health problem, it can be tough just getting through your day while dealing with the pain. If you were unfortunately denied the disability benefits that you applied for, it will feel incredibly frustrated by the whole experience. If you feel lost and not sure what to do, know that there is still a way to get the benefits that you deserve.

Hire A Lawyer

You shouldn't give up hope when your disability benefits have been denied. Start by hiring a lawyer that can fight on your behalf. They'll look over your disability case and figure out the right action plan to take, which includes representing you in court. A lawyer ensures that you are not fighting this battle alone, and is your best chance at receiving a favorable outcome.

Get Everything Organized

It's important that you start getting your medical history organized prior to heading into the courtroom. Your lawyer will let you know what documents you should dig up that help defend your case, so be prepared to start going through all the documents you have collected regarding your disability up until now. It can take several months to have your case heard in court, and not being prepared will be a serious setback.

Find Expert Witnesses

While a lawyer is a great start to having your disability benefits approved, what you will really need is an expert witness that can vouch for your medical condition. That's why having a doctor act as that witness can give you your best chance in court. With these types of cases often won based on the medical opinion. The doctor that you use as your expert witness should know the detailed of your entire disability case, so be sure they are up to speed.

Get Additional Tests

If your first application was denied, it may be that there was simply not enough evidence. It is worth getting additional tests done by doctors and other health professionals for a second opinion. Even if an additional doctor has the exact same diagnosis, having it come from two doctors can be more powerful.

Continue To Get Treatment

Even if all hope seems lost, you should continue to seek medical treatment for your disability, which may include physical therapy. By taking steps to improve it, you are providing evidence that it has not gotten better to the point where you do not need medical treatments.

For more information, contact your local long-term disability attorney.