Why You Need A Family Law Attorney When Dealing With Custody Matters

Creating a custody arrangement with your partner after the two of you have decided to divorce can be a very tricky matter. Deciding who will be the main custodial parent might be tough if both of you want to hold that title and position. It's a bit easier if you're still on speaking terms, but even if you are, there are still treacherous roads that must be navigated for everything to work. If you're heading into a custody battle, you don't want to do it without having a family law attorney on your side.

Legal Verbiage Matters

If you have a rather calm relationship with your ex-spouse, it may seem that coming to a custodial arrangement would be rather easy. You might talk often and both only want the best for the child.

The problem is that unless you are psychic, you really have no idea what the future holds. Either of you could meet a new romantic partner at any time. If things start to get serious, you or the other parent could start thinking about moving to another state or even a different country. Relocating has a way of making your verbal agreement obsolete, especially if it means that the other person will no longer be able to see the child as often as they do right now.

That's why it's so important for you to let a family law attorney draft your custody agreement so that it contains the proper legal verbiage. You'll have proof in place, and if the situation suddenly changes because of the arrival of another person, you'll still have access to your little one.

Lawyers Investigate To Uphold The Best Interests Of The Child

If there are things that you know about your former mate, you might not be too happy if they are granted sole custody of your children. Perhaps they drink a lot and hang around bars, or they have other vices which change their behavior and make them unfit for anyone to be around.

A family law attorney often has a team of investigators who can do thorough research to determine if the other person is indeed a fit parent. Whether this includes gathering surveillance or pictures, they can get their hands on the proof necessary to protect your child.

Family law attorneys are there to work for you. Let them help you fight your custody battle and come to the best conclusion.