Are You Handling A Child Custody Battle? Here’s When To Involve A Family Law Attorney

Preparing a child custody agreement becomes less complicated if you and your spouse put the children's best interests first. In this case, you can agree on how you will co-parent and provide for your kids without going to court. However, if one of you refuses to cooperate or maintains hard-line stands, the process could get complicated. When this happens, you may require the services of a family lawyer to resolve the contentious issues. This article looks at some instances to involve a legal practitioner in your child custody battle.

Your Partner Has Relocated or Plans to Move to a Different State

Each state has different child custody laws. Therefore, things might change if your spouse moves to another location before your child custody case ends. For example, the visitation and custody laws in their new state might differ from those of your current address. As such, your spouse could possibly use this to deny you visitation rights. You need a lawyer to resolve this complex situation. They will evaluate the laws in both states and develop a fair and legally-acceptable arrangement. 

Your Partner Is Abusing You or Your Kids

You should inform your legal advisor of your partner's abuse against you or your kids, particularly during the child custody proceedings. The lawyer will get an order barring your spouse from coming close to you or the children. They may also represent you during the subsequent negotiations if you feel threatened. 

The lawyer also ensures that your spouse follows all the orders issued by the court regarding abuse. However, if they continue to threaten you or forcefully access your premises, your attorney will go back to court to request more stringent measures against them.

You Want to Amend the Child Custody Agreement

Certain circumstances can force you to amend the contents of your child custody agreement. For example, you'll need a fresh visitation arrangement if you relocate due to work or your kid's school program changes. In this case, you need to inform your partner of the changes you intend to make. Then, if they object to them, ask your family law attorney to implement the changes without triggering a court battle.

If you face any of the issues above, hire a family lawyer to help you navigate them. A lawyer acts as a mediator between you and your spouse, enabling you to create an agreement that favors all the parties. Besides, they'll help you make any modifications that may be necessary in the future.

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