3 Perfect Reasons To Get A Workers’ Comp Attorney If Injured At Work

Individuals who get injured at work should notify their employers immediately. Even if an injury seems minor, it is best to report it. Employers are required by law to have workers' compensation insurance. However, many employers are not privy to offering employees the opportunity to do a different job. In some cases, another job duty might exist. Many individuals who get injured at work are entitled to benefits that include compensation and medical treatment. Some individuals attempt to navigate the process of filing on their own. The following points identify a few reasons it is wise to consider using a workers' comp attorney as a resource for these complex cases.


Individuals who attempt their own claims might face a lot of setbacks. They may file the claim wrong, which can delay their cases. Adjusters work for insurance companies, and they might attempt to convince injured individuals that their claims are worth less than they actually are. Some adjusters may even challenge the validity of the claim and insinuate that victims are lying about the extent of their injuries.

A workers' compensation lawyer has the experience needed to improve the chances of getting fairly compensated. They can also explain to victims important points such as going to all of their doctors' appointments. If a claim gets denied, an attorney can file motions for an appeal, which is a complex process. Some victims might give up on their cases if they get denied. However, an attorney can and likely will continue to pursue it. They work on contingency fees, which means if a victim's case is not won, they do not have to pay for their legal representation.

Discover Overlooked Benefits

Some victims get focused on getting compensated for their medical bills and injuries. However, a workers' comp attorney might discover other things that a victim is entitled to. The insurance provider and employer are unlikely to tell victims about other benefits. An attorney will likely be able to discover them and seek them as part of the case. Their goal is to ensure that clients get the maximum benefits from their cases. Longterm-disability is an example of a benefit that could get overlooked by victims who do not have legal representation.

Proper Case Evaluation

Victims may not understand how cases are valued. An attorney can review a case and determine an estimated valuation. They can also assist with negotiating a settlement. Some cases do not have to go to court if a victim accepts a settlement offer. Injured individuals should be wary of accepting settlement offers without legal advice from a workers' comp attorney. 

For more information, contact a local workers' comp attorney.