Don’t Get Fooled By These Car Wreck Myths

If you've been injured by the actions of a careless driver, you may initially be relieved to find that they had insurance coverage. Auto insurance can serve a need: getting your car repaired or replaced and taking care of your medical bills. To make the assumption that auto insurance is the complete solution would be a mistake, however. Insurance carriers are not acting in your best interest, and you may be selling yourself short if you count on it alone. Read More 

Recent Car Accident? Why You Need an Attorney

If you've recently been in a car accident, you know how life-changing such an experience can be.  Not only did it completely derail your plans for that day, but it could have also left you with serious injuries that jeopardize your ability to provide for yourself.  While you most likely want to quickly put the event behind you and move forward, it's important to understand that you need to be rightly compensated. Read More 

Is it Possible to Remove Your Name From the Sex Offender’s List?

Having your name on the sex offender's list can make life difficult. While this may be desirable for pedophiles, sex traffickers, and repeat offenders, many people on these lists were convicted of minor crimes (e.g. public urination) or crimes that have since been legalized (e.g. sodomy). If you're in this category, it may be possible to get your name removed from the registry. Here's what you need to know. Each State is Different Read More 

Your Guide To Applying For Social Security Disability For Your Autistic Child

If your son or daughter has recently been diagnosed with autism, you may already know that many autistic persons are eligible for disability payments. Although recent scientific data has determined that autism is present at birth, it can take years or even through adolescence or early adulthood for some people to be accurately diagnosed with autism. Therefore, if your child has been diagnosed with autism and could benefit from receiving Social Security disability payments, the information discussed below will be quite useful to you and your family. Read More 

Spousal Support ~ What To Know If You Want It

Are you getting a divorce and want to get spousal support from your estranged spouse? If so, you likely have your own reasons for seeking support. However, a few things will influence whether you actually receive spousal support, which is sometimes referred to as alimony. Different states have rules or criteria set, and it is wise to know what they are in your state. The following are a few things that could impact whether you receive court-ordered spousal support. Read More