Why It’s Better To Work With A Criminal Defense Lawyer Rather Than Defend Against A Charge Alone

Criminal defense attorneys help their clients take on a number of charges, including property crimes and instances of human injury. If you ever find yourself dealing with one of these legal situations, it's just best to hire one of these criminal attorneys and benefit in several ways. Help You Make Better Decisions Overall Whatever type of criminal charge you're trying to defend against, you have to make some really smart decisions. Read More 

Are You Handling A Child Custody Battle? Here’s When To Involve A Family Law Attorney

Preparing a child custody agreement becomes less complicated if you and your spouse put the children's best interests first. In this case, you can agree on how you will co-parent and provide for your kids without going to court. However, if one of you refuses to cooperate or maintains hard-line stands, the process could get complicated. When this happens, you may require the services of a family lawyer to resolve the contentious issues. Read More 

How To Deal With The Fact The Cops Can Lie To You But You Can’t Lie To Them

In the world of criminal defense, there are few challenges more troublesome than lying. Some folks are astonished to learn that investigators are allowed to lie to suspects, witnesses, and other parties. Less astonishing, though, is the fact you can't lie to the cops. Worse, police and prosecutors are the ones who decide whether someone has lied to them. How do you deal with the cops having such an unbalanced advantage in criminal law? Read More