Defense Tactics That May Help If You Were Charged With Driving Recklessly Through Town

If you were charged with driving recklessly through town and feel as if the police officer has treated you unfairly and is either mistaking you for someone else or didn't calculate your speed properly, the following tips will assist with defending yourself on the date of your court hearing and possibly having the charge against you reduced or dropped. 

Hire An Attorney And Provide Minute Details

Call attorneys who practice locally and specialize in defending against moving violation charges. After gaining insight concerning how each attorney prepares their cases, hire the one who you feel is the most qualified to assist you. Before meeting with your lawyer in person, sit down and reflect upon the date that you were charged with the violation. Write a list of details pertaining to the situation, even ones that you feel aren't useful in helping prove your innocence.

For example, write a description of the weather, whether or not the law official was wearing eye wear, and the words that were spoken to you. Include details pertaining to how long you were pulled over and what the officer said when they handed you a ticket. A great amount of detail will help your attorney perceive what happened on the date that you were pulled over and they may be able to prepare a case that helps prove your innocence, based upon the way the cop handled details associated with the charge. 

Request A Copy Of Recordings And The Testing Of Equipment

Your attorney may be privy to information that was recorded during the time that you were charged with a violation. If the officer wore a body camera during the occasion, a copy of what went down during the traffic event will speak volumes. After retrieving a copy, your attorney will watch the recording several times to determine if the officer was within his rights and showed cause to charge you with a violation.

If the officer treated you in an abrasive manner or seemed to be hesitant about stating your offense, your charge may be lessened on the date of your court hearing. If the cop used a device to determine how fast you were driving, the equipment can be tested prior to your hearing to ensure that it was working correctly prior to receiving a traffic ticket. 

Seek Witnesses Or Additional Footage

If another person was riding with you in your vehicle when you were pulled over, they will be a valuable asset to you during your court hearing. Ask them if they would be willing to speak on your behalf. If so, set up a time for them to speak with your attorney in order to be prepped for the upcoming court date.

If any businesses were located near the area where you were pulled over, contact the owners of them and ask them if they have cameras set up on their establishments that could have possibly recorded you as you were driving past. If any or all of the owners have recordings, the information may assist with being exonerated from the traffic charge. Check with an attorney like Tolbert & Tolbert, LLP for more information.