Things That You Should Expect When You Meet With Creditors After Declaring Bankruptcy

One of the steps in the bankruptcy process is to meet with your various creditors. Early in the process of declaring bankruptcy, you'll want to hire a bankruptcy attorney who specializes in such matters and begin to compile a list of those to whom you owe money. This list may vary considerably, and include large-scale institutions such as banks and financing companies, as well as smaller creditors such as friends and family members. Read More 

What You Should Know About Creditors Objecting To Discharges In Chapter 7

One of the only times you will have to appear in court when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for a meeting of the creditors, and this typically takes place within just a few weeks after you file for Chapter 7. Some of your creditors may show up to this hearing, but they will only show up if they want to object to the discharge of the debt you owe them. Read More 

Till Death Do You Part, But Only With A Prenup: How To Set The Record Straight Before Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and while you want to believe it's going to last forever, you still may need to protect yourself and your assets from the possibility of divorce in the future. With things like inheritances, future earnings, intellectual property, past debt, and other complicating factors joining in on your vows, it's usually best for everyone involved in a neat and tidy document sets the bounds for dispersion, in the unfortunate event the marriage doesn't last. Read More 

Pedestrian Safety: Key Tips

Every driver needs to be aware of pedestrians to make certain they avoid accidents, but it's also just as important for pedestrians to walk in a safe manner at all times. Not all drivers will operate their vehicles safely, so it's up to you as a pedestrian to be aware of your surroundings and take appropriate precautions. This article looks at some of the steps you can take to mitigate the possibility of being hit by a car or truck as you walk. Read More 

Being Denied Your Disability Rights? Know What You Can Do

If you currently have a chronic or debilitating health problem, it can be tough just getting through your day while dealing with the pain. If you were unfortunately denied the disability benefits that you applied for, it will feel incredibly frustrated by the whole experience. If you feel lost and not sure what to do, know that there is still a way to get the benefits that you deserve. Hire A Lawyer Read More