IVF and Surrgogacy: What Should You Know About Your Legal Rights To Your Child

If you and your partner are going through fertility treatments to help conceive a child -- whether in vitro fertilization (IVF), sperm or egg donation, or surrogacy -- you may be wondering about the legal and emotional ramifications of your decision to use reproductive assistance. While married couples who conceive a child without the use of fertility treatments have no doubt that each partner has equal legal and physical rights to the child they've created, those who use surrogates to carry the pregnancy to term and/or who aren't biologically related to the child (but whose partners are) may later face legal battles if one of these relationships goes south. Read More 

3 Important Things to Understand About Defamation Lawsuits

If you recently went through a very bad breakup, and your ex is spreading rumors around about you, there is a chance you might be able to sue him or her for defamation. Defamation involves written or spoken things that are false and harmful to a person's reputation. If your ex has done this to you, filing a lawsuit against him or her might be a good way to legally resolve the problem. Read More 

Can Home Schooling Hurt Your Chances Of Getting Custody?

If you are a parent who is in the process of going through a divorce, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made. Two of the most important decisions that will affect your children are their custody, and their educational opportunities once the divorce is final. Too many times both of these decisions are left up to a judge to decide. The educational environment, as well as the custody decisions that you may have already made may be in your child's best interest, but if you allow the court to decide,  the court just may rule against you. Read More