Protect Your Relationships By Staying Engaged - Questions To Ask Your Lawyer During A Custody Dispute

If you're facing the end of a meaningful relationship in your life, you might be under a great deal of stress. The idea of compounding that stress by facing threats to your relationship with your children may be difficult to contemplate, but it's important that you fight the urge to be overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed may mean that you can't respond properly to the situation and could put you at risk of losing one of the most important things in your life. Read More 

Defense Tactics That May Help If You Were Charged With Driving Recklessly Through Town

If you were charged with driving recklessly through town and feel as if the police officer has treated you unfairly and is either mistaking you for someone else or didn't calculate your speed properly, the following tips will assist with defending yourself on the date of your court hearing and possibly having the charge against you reduced or dropped.  Hire An Attorney And Provide Minute Details Call attorneys who practice locally and specialize in defending against moving violation charges. Read More 

Undocumented Immigrant Parents Can Seek Legal Help For Their U.S. Born Children

In today's turbulent political climate, more immigrants than ever are finding themselves in need of a family lawyer -- the undocumented parents of children with United State's citizenship need help with contingency plans in case the family is separated. If this could potentially happen to you, this is what you need to know. Keeping the family together may not be the wisest choice. If you are undocumented, the reality is that you could easily face deportation. Read More 

When Insults Are Slander And How To Prove It

Getting insulted is always a frustrating situation, especially if the insulter is somebody that the insulted person trusted or respected. In some instances, insults can actually be slander. It all depends on how far the insults go and why they are used. Proving this personal injury case is a tough one, but it can be done. Insults Aren't Necessarily Slander People often think that insults are slander no matter what the situation. Read More 

Don’t Get Fooled By These Car Wreck Myths

If you've been injured by the actions of a careless driver, you may initially be relieved to find that they had insurance coverage. Auto insurance can serve a need: getting your car repaired or replaced and taking care of your medical bills. To make the assumption that auto insurance is the complete solution would be a mistake, however. Insurance carriers are not acting in your best interest, and you may be selling yourself short if you count on it alone. Read More