Are You Handling A Child Custody Battle? Here’s When To Involve A Family Law Attorney

Preparing a child custody agreement becomes less complicated if you and your spouse put the children's best interests first. In this case, you can agree on how you will co-parent and provide for your kids without going to court. However, if one of you refuses to cooperate or maintains hard-line stands, the process could get complicated. When this happens, you may require the services of a family lawyer to resolve the contentious issues. Read More 

How To Deal With The Fact The Cops Can Lie To You But You Can’t Lie To Them

In the world of criminal defense, there are few challenges more troublesome than lying. Some folks are astonished to learn that investigators are allowed to lie to suspects, witnesses, and other parties. Less astonishing, though, is the fact you can't lie to the cops. Worse, police and prosecutors are the ones who decide whether someone has lied to them. How do you deal with the cops having such an unbalanced advantage in criminal law? Read More 

First Steps With Probate After A Loved One Passes Away

Even though an executor, personal representative, or administrator of an estate may not officially be in charge until the probate court rules on the matter, they may need to act before that time. The first steps listed below should help get things started. The Arrangements – This term covers the final arrangements of the deceased. In some cases, the deceased made final arrangements directly with the funeral home. In other cases, the wishes of the deceased can be found in the home or the safe deposit box. Read More 

3 Smart Reasons to Consider a Living Trust

If you want to ensure that your assets are properly protected while you are alive and that they go where you want them to go upon your death, you should consider a living trust.  A living trust gets its name from the fact that it is created while you are still living. You can establish either a revocable trust or an irrevocable trust. As the name implies, with a revocable trust, you can dissolve it at any time if you want to. Read More 

Why A Jury Trial Is Difficult To Win Against An Insurance Provider

When you are involved in civil litigation with an insurance provider, your case will be decided by a judge, a jury, or through a settlement out of court. Settling is the preferable option for all parties involved, but you might be surprised to find out that you may have a better chance of winning against an insurance provider if you have a bench trial. How the Bench Trial Works A bench trial is different from a jury trial in that a judge makes the ultimate decision regarding whether you will win your case and will also determine how much you will be compensated. Read More